The Story Behind the Brand

JOMO London is created by TV star Liv Bentley and Celebrity make up artist Bella Campbell. The acronym for JOMO being Joy Of Missing Out, a nod to the importance of taking a break to enjoy personal self care.

We wanted to utilise our visibility to be an inspiration as spokeswomen for empowerment through sensuality, and the positivity that sex can bring to your mental health, while bringing to light the normality of sex and the freedom to express yourself.

Neither of us could find a luxurious CBD natural oil to calm and enhance the experience of intimacy.

And voilà, JOMO London was born.


“Anything that supports our mental health and wellbeing should be celebrated. Sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is! We want to encourage people to enjoy their sexuality and break the taboo by talking openly and helping others to enhance their feelings of wellbeing though sexual enjoyment and exploration.”

Liv & Bella

Why JOMO products


JOMO incorporates natural plant based oils with our key hero ingredient CBD extract. CBD can help to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce pain, boost your mood, aid in focus and concentration, reduce anxiety and in turn, encourage a better state of wellbeing.

Anything that boosts your wellbeing, releases an abundance of hormones into the body and fires positive, feel-good rewards to the brain.

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The Women Behind the Brand

Bella & Liv

Bella Campbell is known as a celebrity make-up artist working in TV, and a pilates teacher. Bella has always been into wellness, everything natural and alternative connecting the mind and body. Her ethos is everything starts from balancing the body from within. Growing up, Bella suffered from physical and mental health issues, being wheelchair and bed bound. From this point on she started her journey in wellness, from ingredients, to supplements, to various alternative therapies, to help restore and balance the body and mind… CBD became a huge part of her ongoing journey. Bella wants to help others try and reduce the stigmas surrounding what “social norms” dictate and the impact it can have on us.

Liv Bentley is mostly known for being on reality TV show ‘Made In Chelsea’. Throughout her teenage years she suffered with hair loss and was too embarrassed to seek help. After opening up about it and discussing it in public she realised how common a problem it really was. Having been so open and honest about what she went through it opened a door to others who suffer with it, to not be ashamed and self conscious. Empowering you is something she strives for and strongly feels that no one should suffer in silence. She wants to use the platform that she has to help encourage and enable anyone and everyone to never feel like they are going through something alone. This is where sexual health and wellness comes into it. By openly discussing our more intimate health issues she hopes to take the shame and embarrassment out of it and inspire more people to openly discuss their wants and needs.


In Bed with Liv and Bella

“Explore your body, embrace your sexuality, empower yourself, enhance your intimacy and enjoy the moments with JOMO London.”

This is our platform on IGTV where we invite special guests, from industry experts to celebrities, talking anything from relationships, to everyday life experiences, sexual issues, wellness and more.

Join us for our Instalives in our judgement-free, no-filter, positive self-care space, empowering you.

We want you to interact, requesting topics/questions for forthcoming IGTVs you want to hear or know more about, or just listen in to the those who have experienced the more taboo topics of intimacy and life, reaching into the depths of the unspoken corners.

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Our first show will be held to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay on Tuesday 8th March at 8pm. It will be live on Liv's Instagram account @OliviaBentleyK and we are excited to introduce our super special guest TV's Sex and Intimacy Coach and #MarriedatFirstSightUK very own expert - @CharleneDouglasOfficial where we will be covering a range of topics such as How to become more confident in the Bedroom, Taking control of your sex life and How to find your voice in asking for what you want between the sheets.


Welcome to our second InstaSHOW In Bed with Liv & Bella.
We have all read articles on the menopause but some of us are still quite young to think about this stage in our lives. For this instaShow we shall be talking to Dr Johanna Ward, Author, Skincare Founder, Aesthetic Dr and practicing GP and quizzing her on all the questions you might have to learn about how it will eventually affect us and what we can do to prepare. Debunking the myths and turning it into a conversation we need to explore.


This week's In Bed with Liv & Bella we talk about hair loss and hair thinning. Tune in at 1pm to @TheHealthEditor to hear a heartfelt and encouraging conversation on the journeys of both girls. We want to empower and inspire you to love you for who you are and to let all those who might be suffering in silence know you are not alone. We look forward to seeing you later and please do ask us anything you like. It's a conversation for all of us!


Say hello to our latest launch…@jomo.London started by best friends @bellacampbell1 and @oliviabentleyk over lockdown, the duo have launched the ultimate wellness body oil containing cbd. Use it to relieve aches and pains, as an arousal oil or even as a fragrance - the scent is calming and soothing.
Want the chance to work with these ladies and stock your shelves with Jomo? Head to now!


We have a very special instalive tonight which we should call "Get Ready for Bed with Liv & Bella". Our new Self Care CBD Pressure Point Ritual. This fabulous 15 minute massage is designed to support our CBD receptors and help calm and ease you into a wonderful night's sleep ready to take on Monday like a boss! Tune in to @JOMO.London at 9pm with Liv and Bella. (NB the massage cards will be included with every new purchase of our JOMO London body oil and available soon to download on our website - Watch this space for more exciting new launches and tips and tricks on how to use this versatile body, massage and arousal oil.
With love, Liv & Bella


September is Sexual Health Awarenes Month and over the next few weeks, we will be inviting a host of experts and celebrities to join us, talk freely on some taboo areas of sexual health and hopefully open up conversations to support us all in our journey. We would love to hear from you, we will be posting some stories today and please do get in touch with any questions you might like us to put to the one and only @katemoyletherapy and that you would like us to bring up during our chats.

Keep your eyes peeled through the month for our next guest dates and also, we will be launching some competitions for you to win a range of exciting prizes that all support our emotional and sexual wellbeing.

Tomorrow's live will be at 8.30pm on @Jomo.London (Tuesday 6th September)

See you there, Love, Liv & Bella


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