The JOMO way

Jomo London is the brainchild of TV star Liv Bentley and celebrity make-up artist Bella Campbell. The acronym for the Joy of missing out, a nod to the importance of taking a break socially to enjoy personal self care. We wanted to launch a beautiful, multi sensory oil that can be used in any environment. To enhance a massage, to feel more connected with your partner, to ease yourself into a sexual experience to be more present or even as a daily body oil to help release the pressures of day to day life. Our key ethos is empowerment and confidence.

“Anything that supports our mental health and wellbeing should be celebrated. Sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is! We want to encourage people to enjoy their sexuality and break the taboo by talking openly and helping others to enhance their feelings of wellbeing though sexual enjoyment and exploration.”


Benefits of JOMO

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  • British

  • No Silicone

  • Science

  • Holistic

  • Natural

  • Vegan

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  • 42, Female

    'I would like to say THANK YOU after going through a dry spell with my husband after having our second child I was really struggling with not being in the mood which also affected my husband thinking it was him and that I didn’t like him anymore. I bought Jomo and tried it for the first time and all I can say is WOW would highly recommend to anyone in the same situation or just in general.'

  • 49, Male

    'Hi Liv and Bella, So I had prostate cancer last year and had my prostate removed. The op damaged some nerves.  But I wanted you to know that along with help from Jomo I managed to get a good enough erection to have sex with my wide. After almost a year it was a huge deal for us both.  We’ve been using Jomo and love it.'

  • 23, Female

    'Just want to say how much I absolutely ADORE this product - it’s really changed my sex life. As someone who isn’t always in the mood for sex (& find it a bit painful) I found the Jomo lube really relaxes my muscles and helps me loosen up to get in the mood quickly… and OMG it really works with heightening my orgasms, like nothing I have ever tried before. Thank you.'

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