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Joy of Missing Out

Our luxurious CBD- infused products feature all natural ingredients to help alleviate anxiety, reduce pain and improve both mental and sexual wellbeing.

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“Thank you for allowing people to have a platform to speak about sexual wellness and normalising it.”

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Benefits of JOMO

Understanding CBD and JOMO

Increased blood flow
Reduce anxiety
Reduce pain
Muscle relaxant


No Silicone






The JOMO Way

JOMO London is created by TV star Liv Bentley and Celebrity make up artist Bella Campbell. The acronym for JOMO being Joy Of Missing Out, a nod to the importance of taking a break to enjoy personal self care.

What started out as a mission to launch a beautiful, multi-sensory oil has transformed into a journey of empowerment through self-exploration, self-care and breaking taboos around sexual well-being and sensuality.

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A journey of empowerment

"Anything that supports our mental health and well-being should be celebrated. Sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is! We want to encourage people to enjoy their sexuality and break the taboo by talking openly and helping others to enhance their feelings through sexual adventure"

– Liv & Bella

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JOMO’s Self Care Reset & Rebalance Pressure Point Ritual

We have created our own unique pressure point massage ritual designed to support the absorption of our luxurious blend of CBD and botanical ingredients.


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