Can I use CBD Lubricants during pregnancy ?

We always suggest asking your practitioner. 

Would this be helpful for someone who has reduced orgasm sensation due to anti depressants?

This is exactly one of the reasons we started Jomo, with the CBD encouraging blood flow to the area, it helps heighten your sensation. 

Where is the CBD from :

Our CBD is extracted from “industrial hemp” that is grown in California US. This is cultivated from seeds that contain less than 0.2% THC as per regulations.  Instead of THC these plants are grown and nurtured so that they contain high levels of CBD. Oils are extracted under Federal Government Approval. 

Can it help peri-menopausal /post menopausal women?

Menopause and perimenopause are a natural fact of life, and there is no cure. However, there is scope to improve the severity of symptoms and improve the general well-being for those going through “the change”. CBD can help in alleviating a number of symptoms lined to menopause/perimenopause. 

Can everyone use it?

Yes, our products can have benefits for everyone 

Will CBD show on a drug test?

No, as THC free

Will it affect PH balance?

Jomo has been designed with PH balance in mind and our ingredients are all natural to support sexual wellness and keep the PH balance. 

Where do you ship too?


Do you do samples?

Sadly we do not 

What if I suffer from sensitive skin or allergies?

Please read our ingredient list, and we have formulated Jomo to work with sensitive skin and female friendly with PH. It is an all natural vegan product. However we always suggest a small patch test first on your arm if you have any concerns. 

Can Men Use Our products?

Men can totally use it! It will still have similar effects. 

Arousal Oil:

The principal female-focussed ingredients is the ylang ylang due to the traditional aromatherapy benefits as an aphrodisiac in women.

The lavender (relaxing), black pepper (warming, increased circulation and of course CBD will all be equally beneficial for men, women and non-binary.

Intimate serum:

The increased blood flow helps improve stronger longer erections. 

Is it full/ broad spectrum or isolate? 

JOMO products are made using a Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract  that contains CBD as a major cannabinoid with CBG and CBC as minor cannabinoids.

How does our CBD work when used it topical form? 

CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and may also contribute to blood flow increases at the site of application. Naturally, these attributes in combination are useful in a topical arousal product applied to erogenous zones. 

What tests / research has been done on the CBD used in Jomo?

 The Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract used in Jomo has a full panel of safety analytics conducted per manufacturing batch. This includes:

Industrial Hemp Cannabinoid Testing – this shows the cannabinoid content of the extract and is the most conducted test on products of this type. 

Residual Solvent Testing
 – Solvent like Hexane can be used to create extracts from raw hemp material. A good process will leave absolutely no trace of solvent behind in the product. 

Heavy Metal Testing – Hemp is known as a ‘soil sucker’. It is prone to absorbing toxic materials from soil which is why the plant is used to control damage from chemical spills. However, this means the hemp used for CBD extracts can contain heavy metals which ultimately make it into consumer products. These tests help show that the hemp used in product creation does not contain heavy metals due to carefully controlled growing conditions. 

What percentage of CBD do we use.?

JOMO products use hemp (CBD) extract at a concentration of 1% i.e. 300mg in 30ml.

Why this amount? Why not more/ less? 
Hemp extract commands a high price along the supply and manufacturing chain and therefore, to the consumer. It is always a balancing act to create CBD products that use CBD at a concentration that provides benefit to the consumer without becoming prohibitively expensive to both make and purchase. 

How did we chose/ decide on this percentage? 

This percent represents the balancing act mentioned above. 300mg remains potent when compared to other sensual products on the market but retains a price point that, while considered luxury, is not out of reach. 

Does the CBD work better with our natural ingredients? 

In general, during product creation steps it is wise to consider the overall effect of the product and whether CBD alone is the best route to achieve this. CBD and other cannabinoids are fascinating, powerful molecules but there are hundreds of other useful compounds in the plant world that have been used for centuries therapeutically. This idea is at the heart of all JOMO product creation; we heighten effective plant-based products with powerful compounds like CBD, rather than using CBD on its own. 

How is CBD best absorbed for better use topically or orally? If orally, what are the benefits for topical that we can present?

The best approach depends on what the product is trying to achieve. Usually, a combination approach is most effective but that is not always the case. Topical products have a local site of action i.e., they produce effects exactly where they applied. For a sensual effect, a topical product applied directly to erogenous zones make more sense than an oral product. Oral products are all about getting CBD into the blood stream for a ‘total body’ effect. Topical products are about introducing CBD to a target area for targeted effect.  We may develop an oral arousal oil but our current JOMO product is designed for targeting specific surfaces of the body.