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The joy of missing out

Our award winning products feature all natural ingredients to help alleviate anxiety, reduce pain and improve both mental and sexual wellbeing.

“Explore your body, embrace your sexuality, empower yourself, enhance your intimacy and enjoy those moments with JOMO London.”

The Benefits of Jomo

We have carefully selected our hero ingredient in each product. Our formulations harness the power of these ingredients to promote all over wellness. Our products have a range of benefits and healing properties such as; increased blood flow, muscle relaxant, reduces anxiety, helping with intimacy and pain.

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A Journey of Empowerment

"Anything that supports our mental health and well-being should be celebrated. Sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is! We want to encourage people to enjoy their sexuality and break the taboo by talking openly and helping others to enhance their feelings through sexual adventure"

– JOMO founders, Liv & Bella

‘"If you're looking for a chic intimate massage oil or lube that's a step up from the rest, then I can't recommend JOMO enough.‘

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'A totally game-changing new launch in the lube space is the Intimate Serum by Jomo London.’

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'Hi just a quick message to say thank you for creating such a great product. I've been struggling a little bit recently and the oil has really helped! I also love the bottle it feels so tasteful and definitely worth the money'

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