Benefits of Lube? Why use it?

Benefits of Lube? Why use it?

Lube is such an amazing thing and it’s often overlooked or neglected. There is such a major misconception about what it’s used for and the benefits that come with it, for example, it is used to reduce friction which ultimately lessens the risk of injury during sex. There have been studies that show that lube makes it 50% easier to orgasm than without, it doesn’t make the experience any worse but it just makes the experience more exciting and sometimes more enjoyable (takes away the foreplay element!).

Obviously, for women, there’s natural lubrication when you are aroused, which is the same way erections are for men. That’s how incredible bodies are especially when they happen naturally. Sometimes your body does take time to catch up on your mind, but it makes it more enjoyable. For example, it can bring more to your sex life. Even though you might be naturally aroused some people just use it to experience new sensations. With the added lubrication, you can enjoy the pleasure of penetration and your mind will be at ease too, your partner will be less nervous about hurting you as sometimes there can be dry spells and it can be daunting but the top things you need to focus on are the benefits of using it.

Lube is universal and can be used by absolutely anyone. Not specified to a specific gender, age or sexuality. It can be used during masturbation and you can just apply the lube to any part of the body. There are different variations of lube such as water, oil or silicone-based but they all have the same purpose

Enhances pleasure and stimulation
Using lube enhances stimulation and makes sex even better because it doesn't have to only be used as a last resort when you've become slightly dry. Lube can be used at any time during sex - there are
so many different types of lube that can be used. For example, it can come in different flavours which could add an interesting element to your sex life. You could also use it to create different sensations such as cooling or warming effects wherever you choose to apply it. Lastly, it's natural and using that instead of a condom sometimes creates more pleasure for both.

Dry spells for both!
There can be dry spells but that's fairly common, it can come and go sometimes but when you think about what can attribute to it hormone levels especially for females during your menstrual cycle can vary due to stress or whether you're on medication. The vagina secretes moisture to coat the vaginal walls which creates an alkaline environment which is primed for reproduction. This is why to refrain from painful intercourse, most women need the help of lubricant. Which makes it more pleasurable.

This is why using our arousal oil has its benefits as the CBD element helps to calm and ease discomfort while also promoting relaxation. Another positive would be that it maintains stronger erections and aids erectile dysfunction. While also increasing blood flow to the vulva and physical arousal. There is also heightened sensitivity and acts as a muscle relaxant.

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